Clamping equipments

All the features of the vise V-Power are further increased in the version Vari-Clamp.
1. Super-low design both of stationary jaw and movable jaw is suitable for clamping thinner workpieces to increase heavy duty cutting capacity and precision of processing.
2. Movable jaw is designed by balance mechanism, and there are many kinds of gripper onto the jaw in order to suit the requirement for various workpieces and difficult clamping shapes.
3. Balance jaw is designed by balance mechanism, its function is able to clamp easily slanting or not smooth surface for rough material, casting material and slanting rough surface after processed by sawing machine.
4. Vari-Clamp allows clamping of irregular, round, elliptic, rectangular, irregular-curviform, step workpieces and slanting workpieces of difficult clamping using the balance mechanism of movable jaws and the different shapes of gripper to perform well-done the clamping.


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